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    Angry Running a program on a different computer?

    I made a simple program (simple as in it runs in a DOSish window, like a Hello World program). When I compile and run, it generates a .bat, which can be opened to run the program again. If I move the files to another computer with java installed, it stops working.

    I have to open the .bat and change the file path of java.exe to whatever it is on the new computer, at which point it works just fine. However, as I'm hoping to eventually have other people download and use this, it isn't a solution. I need a way to get it to run on any (Windows) computer that has Java installed without having to make the user modify the .bat. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    (one thing would be something that turns java into a .exe file, but I haven't come across a free one that I can get to work)

    (better yet would be an applet that can take the .java or .class files and run them, imitating the DOSish window, but I doubt if anything like that exists)

    (The ideal would be something that makes an actual java application that can be double-clicked and will then, like, open. Java is supposed to be cross-platform, isn't it? I should be able to run this anywhere, on any operating system with Java... but I can't find the program itself. Opening the .java or .class files doesn't run the program, only the .bat or compiler will do that....)

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    Hah, well. Got that to work after a while. Thanks.

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