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    Mike Dooley Guest

    make a Cryptogram

    ...you know, the game right next to the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.
    Well, anyway, I need to write code to 'encode' each letter in the phrase
    (the phrases will be in a single field in the Phrases table). The only rule
    being, x<>x (a given letter can not appear unchanged). So in other words,
    convert String A to String B.
    "...that's all folks..." to "...pwtp'f tkk izkef..." (a random
    This is not a work project, but I really want to learn something here!! I
    figured some use of the RAND Function would be in order. ?? Any help/
    ideas really appreciated!

    Mike D.

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    Stephane Guest

    Re: make a Cryptogram

    Go on altavista.com and search for cryptology or cryptography. I think you'll
    fing all what you need to know.
    I can't help you more because I'm French but I think altavista is better
    than me for it.

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