I am testing an isapi extension that simply returns LOGON_USER using GetServerVariable().
When use XmlHTTP to call this extension from VB, I get correct value back
(that is, MyDomain\myLogOnAlias), but if I use XmlHTTP to call this extension
from ASP, then I only get a value back in this form: myDomain\myMachineName$.
All happened in one same machine (Win2K server). I set both VRoots for the
asp page and the dll authentication as NT Integrated Windows Authentication.
I guess I hit a delegation / impersonation issue here.
The only time I do get MyDomain\myLogOnAlias back is when I set the URL
parameter for to be a path that actually mapped to the isapi
dll, i.e., http://myServer/myISAPI.dll, and the isapi dll is actually the
physical path of the VRoot, instead of just being application-mapped to
http://myServer/myISAPI.dll. Even this, I have to run the http://myServer/myISAPI.dll
in IE browser first (again, have to be in my machine), then the asp page
returns me myLogOnAlias. But this asp page would still only return \myMachineName$
when accessed from other user's computer in same intranet domain.

Any insights? Thanks,