Has anyone else encountered browser problems with
Netscape 4.08 and 4.73 while running ASP on an
IIS server. I'm contracting for a client and not
having much experience with ASP, I'm banging my
head against the wall. My client's site runs
credit card transactions for merchants. The
majority of the ASP code is written in javascript.
The "receipt" and "progress" windows are written
in VBScript. For some reason, Netscape 4.08 (and,
I'm told, 4.73) display blank windows for the
receipt and progress bar when there is no proxy
setting (in the browser) to the Internet. But this
problem is inconsistent.

On the other hand, setting HTTP & Security proxies
makes the problem go away. We could tell the
merchants to recommend to their customers to use
Netscape 4.76 (apparently no problem there), but
some merchants don't want to hear answers like

Any leads would be highly welcomed, as we've all
struggled with the problem here and don't know
what to do.

thanks in advance

raj dash