i am sunil,working as a Software programmer. Well i do have a question
for u. Consider this scenario.

Step 1:
I have a asp page which queries the database using ADO 2.5 to retrieve the

Example:-rs.open "select statement"

Step 2:
Suppose the request came from a pc then i wanna apply one style sheet(XSL)
or else if the request came from a mobile phone i should apply another style
sheet.That is done like this:

If Pc then
response.write PC.xsl
else if mobile phone then
response.write mobile.xsl
end if

Step 3:
Then i save my recordset to response object.

Example:-rs.save response,adpersistxml

This is fine .But in Step2 how do i find out where the request came from
so that i can apply different style sheets to my xml content.