Hi All..

I want some expert discussion on the usage of Application Variables in ASP.
i m is using a big database on my web site. Actually in my site we are
generating information 15-20 times in a day and uploading it to the net for
the viewing.. Right now i have a option to use XML or Database to retrive
this information for the view purposes.. But i m expecting a huge number of
hits on my site and i m not sure can my server will be able to handle that
much load of Components to parse data from XML or Database.. (XMLDOM,ADODB).
I feel these components are very resource extecnsive applications. So i want
to avoid the usage of any component to parse my data.
After a lot of thought i came to the conclusion to use Application Varaibles
of ASP to store data.. I feel this will be very fast and will use the server
resources very optimisticly.
Now my doubts are :
1. Can i store huge amount of data in the Application Variables say 50 kb of
data, if we store it in a XML format.
2. is the Application varaibles are safe to store information .. i mean in
anycase information should not be lost or manuplated accidently.
3. What is the Server Resources utilization, in this architecture.
4. At what extend i m right to think usage og Application varaibles in the
place of Database or XML

These are few things i have in my mind and i m sure u people can guide in a
very proper way..

Thanx a lot..
Looking for a quick response...

Neeraj Gargi
Neeraj Gargi