ASP as a programming language.
In IIS server-side and client-side debugging is selected.

1. Microsoft Windows Server 2000 , IIS5
2. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 , IIS6


In case 1 Microsoft Script Debugger worked fine, poping-up everytime an error occurred, opening the appropriate asp file in the corresponding line where the error occoured.

In case 2 Microsoft Script Debugger was not installed, neither could be found on the installing CD of Microsoft Windows Server 2003.
I downloaded from the Microsoft’s site the version for WinXP/2000/NT 4 and installed it to my computer.
As a result, Machine Debug Manager, Microsoft Script Debugger and who knows what else [if anyone knows exactly it would be great..] appeared in DCOM Config through which I tried to follow the advices of Microsoft’s “Enabling ASP Debugging” article.
At first, the Microsoft Script Debugger poped-up but no “opening the appropriate asp file in the corresponding line where the error occoured” happened.
I followed the same steps for Microsoft Script Debugger as described in the article [for Machine Debug Manager] and somehow it worked!
Unfortunately, I decided to check if it would still work without the modifications to Machine Debug Manager.
That was it..

Never worked properly again even though i reinstalled, uninstalled, deleted by hand, etc. etc. Microsoft Script Debugger, Machine Debug Manager.
The error : “Microsoft Script Debugger failed to initialize. Reinstall …” appears.

Any ideas about how to clear things up and debug at last?
P.S.: I use a simple html, asp editor, not Visual Studio.

Thanks in advance,

P.S.2: Why I cannot find “Debugger Users” group in Microsoft Windows Server 2003?