I'm trying to put a Web project under source control in VI, and VI is
failing to do this.

The actual master server is on an shared machine, where I can only access
files through FTP.

First question: what is the best way to develop a Web site under these
conditions? I've set up a "master server" on my machine. Then I setup a VI
project in local mode. Now I have a master site (call it MySite) and a
local site (called MySite_Local) on my machine. When I test changes, I can
copy MySite pages to the actual master server. VI doesn't know the URL of
the actual master site.

I'm trying to put this project under source control. I've done all the
steps described in the online help. I've ensured SourceSafe is installed on
my machine (where I'm hosting the local copy of the site). I've setup a
SourceSafe user account for IUSR_(machinename) as described. However, when
I try to put the VI project under source control, I get the error:

"Cannot establish source control for the Web application. The server does
not have a source control system installed on it, or the user name is not

Anyone seen this before and know how to fix it?

If I can't get this to work, I'll just manually put the files in
'MySite_Local' directories under source control. Then I'll just update the
master server site via FTP directly from 'MySite_Local'.

Any guidance on this problem or some tips/tricks for source control of web
site would be appreciated!!!!