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Thread: asp

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    jp Guest


    i want to learn asp and javascript.
    pls give me some advice

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    J. Paul Schmidt Guest

    Re: asp

    Active Server Pages can be used to put a database on the Web which any user
    with a browser and an Internet connection could access from virtually anywhere.

    If you want a database on the Web, typically what would happen is that a
    database such as Access (basically just consisting of tables) would be put
    on the Web.

    Then Active Server Pages (which include HTML, VBScript, and JavaScript) would
    be created acting sort of like the old "queries, forms, and reports" to access
    the database - all hosted on a Web Server.

    Active Server Pages are similar in many ways to regular HTML pages. But
    they are "dynamic" Web pages because the user can read and/or write to information
    in the database.

    Not all Web hosts will handle Active Server Pages but many do.

    Here are a couple good ASP and/or JavaScript sites:

    Best regards,

    J. Paul Schmidt, MBA
    Databases on the Web

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    Mick Guest

    Re: asp

    "jp" <jp_inn@yahoo.com> wrote:
    >i want to learn asp and javascript.
    >pls give me some advice

    Get hold of a copy of macromedia UltraDev 4. It's perfect for asp

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