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    kyle Guest

    email an asp page

    I never got a response to my last question, so I'm going to try again. Somebody
    please help. I have an ecommerce site that I am currently working on. It's
    99.95% through. I need a simple way for my client to retrieve orders. The
    last page in the purchasing process is an invoice that shows all pertainant
    info. It is an asp page. Can this page be automatically emailed to my client,
    or does the fact that it's an asp page and not an actual I guess you could
    call it a full time html page make the info in the page temporary and unviewable?
    I really need some assistance here.

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    Diana L Guest

    Re: email an asp page

    You need 2 things.
    1) A possibility to e-mail to an e-mail address.
    Check article in
    It will work if you have newest IIS with SMTP installed and configured.
    2) A way to copy all contents from your asp page to message body.
    It is possible with DHTML properties of document.body (IE only, sorry for
    For example if you put the following code at the end of your asp page you
    will be able to get all text with innerText property, or all HTML tags with
    all text with innerHTML property.

    <form name="lform">
    <textarea name="allText"></textarea>
    <input type="submit" onClick="document.forms[0].allText.value = document.body.innerText;
    return true;">

    If you want, you could include for example a <div id="toemail"> tag to surround
    only needed info, then you will need


    in order to get all your text and HTML formmating.
    Hope this helps.

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