Can anyone help me the following problems

The web server: NT server 4 + IIS4
Developing tool: InterDev 6.0
Web File format: ASP file

I am developing a web-based application in web server computer.

Two ActiveX controls are used in the ASP files. They are Calendar Control
8.0 and Microsoft FlexGrid control 6.0.

When running the application through IE5 in server computer, both two
controls can be displayed in web pages. When running FBS through IE5 in a
Client computer that has the Windows 98 or windows NT workstation, Calendar
control will be downloaded and displayed, but FlexGrid control cannot be

I write an application using VB6 and put FlexGrid control on its form. Then
I package this application and install it in the client computer. The
FlexGrid control is displayed on the form when the application is running.
But IE5 still cannot display this control.

All the files depended by this control exist in the client computer and it
is also registered because VB application can display it.

If I install the whole ActiveX package using the InterDev CD into the Client
computer, IE5 can display the FlexGrid control. That means actually FlexGrid
can be displayed in IE5.