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Thread: Front End & Back End

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    Front End & Back End

    [Originally posted by Thaha]

    Front End & Back End
    1) In a networked environment how is a front end & a back end managed?

    2)What are the extra precautions required in it?

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    Re:Front End & Back End

    [Originally posted by Ed Ardzinski]

    One choice you have to make is whether or not to have the front end application reside on the server, or have individual copies on each machine. Then another issue is the drive mapping names...if they are consistent there is little to worry about, but if they are not you could have an unnecessary problem.

    Regarding the first choice, I've had luck running a fairly large Access application from a network server, with the users pointing to the networked version via a desktop shortcut. We also do the same with a much larger database management application we've developed in-house using Magic (a rather different development environment...). Our field offices have had less sucess with a network housed application, but that's probably due to the lack of computer savvy of the people at the offices.

    Local versions will probably run a bit faster, but require more effort to upgrade. An upgrade for a network housed application is simple...install the new version, and everyone points to it a priori.

    Hope these musings help...

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