Hello all-
I'm in the middle of developing an application for use on an Intranet that
requires a robust error handling system (don't they all...). The problem
that I'm having is that any error that is generated is creating a "Internal
Server Error 500" (Win2k server/IIS 5.0). I do have a custom error page
that is installed on IIS that is suppose to run whenever there is a "500"
error, however it never gets called unless the error is cleared. To "clear"
the error I have to comment out all suspect code, run the page, then uncomment
the code and then I'll get the custom error page that tells me what the problem

So what I'm asking is: 1. How can I get IIS to run my custom error page first
without going to some sort of "default" page? 2. Is there a setting in
IIS that I have to use so that when my app throws an error my "On Error Resume
Next" error trap can actually do its job?