[Originally posted by Ryan Smith]

Has anyone ever come across a bug or a poorly
written piece of code that will cause system
resources NOT to be released between runs?

I am working on a User Control that contains five
Pictureboxes (Autoredraw=True). The control is
passed an Object (my simple Class for the stuff
it will be drawing - not very large)

What happens is that after running my control to
test it several times my system resources deplete
until eventually I get an 'Out of Memory' error
followed by the Blue Screen of Death.

I can understand that if there is a bug in my code
that this would happen during one run. Ending
the application should free this memory up right?
My control run

s fine for the first few runs and
then it starts to run slower for the next few until
finally it crashes my system.

Any help whatsoever would be appreciated. Oh, and
feel free to be nasty if I'm missing something
totally obvious.