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    About run time error number 430

    [Originally posted by AlexLee]

    When I run my packed vb6 executable file, a error 430 occured, I do'nt know what it means. If I lost some reference file, or ?

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    Re:About run time error number 430

    [Originally posted by mike]

    It means that one or more of the controls that you are using can't be found (or created) on the PC.

    Which one? Its a guessing game. I usually copy down the names of all the controls that I use and create a test.vbs file that I run on the "target" machine to see which control can't be created. For example, if I used "Excel.Application" as a project reference (dont forget to do the same for the Components too):


    Dim x
    Set x = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

    Run that script from the command line - if it fails you know that the reference isnt installed on the local machine.

    The usual suspects are ADO version being incompatible, and your code making use of a later version of the Windows Standard Controls vs what is already on that PC. Again, you can use the test.vbs method to determine that.

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    Re:Re:About run time error number 430

    [Originally posted by AlexLee]

    Thanks Mike for your help, I'll try as you said, but my program was write by VB6, and I dont understand "Run that script from the command line", how?

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