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Thread: send email

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    ramue Guest

    send email

    how can i send email through visual basic.

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    Sachin Patil Guest

    Re: send email

    you can use various mail objects that are freely available on the net.
    in case you are using outlook or have NT, you will find a CDO control in
    the VB references. you can download this control separately from microsoft
    and instal on clients.

    this is a very simple object to use as all others.
    it has methods like .to, .cc, .bcc, .subject, .body, .....
    you can use it or simliar objects available like Dimac's w3jMail ( personal
    edition is free) or SMTPmail, and others.

    however, you will need a SMTP server, which can be any company server( in
    case u r in a company) or any web server can do the job.

    u need to call this object,
    supply the to,subject,body, and smtp host info
    and invoke send method.
    and your mail is gone
    receiving is also easy.
    you can make a nice email client.

    Hope i gavce a good lead,
    all the best

    Sachin Patil

    "ramue" <buenora@aramco.com.sa> wrote:
    >how can i send email through visual basic.

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    Larry Rebich Guest

    Re: send email

    Last month I wrote a tip of the month that I call 'Send E-Mail Using Shell'.
    Link to http://www.buygold.net/tips then look for the September 2001 tip of
    the month. A sample program is provided.

    Larry Rebich

    More tips link to:

    No personal e-mail questions :-)

    "ramue" <buenora@aramco.com.sa> wrote in message
    > how can i send email through visual basic.

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