[Originally posted by Ken]

I run a small GUI BBS on my computer and they just started PLUGINs for it but only have samples in C++. I've never tryed anything with COM or Acive X and was Hoping someone could help me get started. This is the C++ code;
SCODE ScreenCreate(LPDISPATCH pDisp, BSTR bstrArgs, BSTR
bstrScratchDirestory, BSTR* pbstrNewFilename)
Return value (SCODE): Either S_OK or S_ERROR for success or failure.

here is what I tryed to get started, The BBS see's the DLL ok but it must not be triggering it or something.
Public Function ScreenCreate(IDispatch As Long, TimePic As String, SDir As String, ByVal DDir As String) As Long

Open "C:\holding\test.txt" For Output As #1
Print #1, IDispatch & ":" & TimePic & ":" & SDir & ":" & DDir
Close #1
End Function

Any help would be great, Thanks