Hi all fellow developers,

Say, I am developing a Web application for a company (ComA) using ASP.

This solution after its done will be handed over to ComA. I will still retain
the rights to the program tho. I want this full ASP solution, once its being
used, to send and notify my website where my website will take note of the
URL (ComA's URL) and log an entry into my database (on my site) then sends
itself back to the ComA's URL where they will continue with the processing
of their application. The best would be to send back a certain value or parameter
and the application on ComA will act accordingly.

This is to prevent unauthorised copying and infringment of the source and
my rights. How would you guys plan and design this ?
Do you think ASP scripts can do the job ? After all, anyone in ComA can take
a look at those scripts and work around that after a while. Maybe webclasses
or COM objects. Any ideas ?

Thanks for your advice and help.