How do I create a tooltip for a listbox?
I'm able to create a tooltip for a command button like this:
<input type="Button" name="edit" value="Edit" onclick="EditAreaCheck()" title="Click
here to edit your selected area">

But how do I code it in this chunk of code for example?
<select name="cboGIAreas" onchange="sendQual('giarea')">
<%If Session("order") > 0 Then%>
<option value = "<%Response.Write sGIArea%>" selected><%
Response.Write sGIArea%>
<option value = "default" selected><<<<<<<< please select a GIArea

<%End If%>
<%For x = 0 To Ubound(GIAreas) - 1%>
<option value ="<%Response.Write GIAreas(x)%>"> <%Response.Write
<%Next %>

This is driving me crazy. Any help greatly appreciated!