Hello. I'm creating a CBT (all ASP). The first page is home.asp, and the
final page is lasquiz.asp. Once they enter the "final chapter", the quiz
-- the lasquiz.asp, I don't want them to be able to go back at all. No back
buttons, etc. .... I was told I could get around this by creating a session
and having that redirect them back to the quiz if the session isn't true.

I already have session variable set up. For example, at the top of ever
.asp page, I have:

'If the session variable is False or does not exsist then redirect
If Session("blnIsUserGood") = False or IsNull(Session("blnIsUserGood")) =
True then
End If

Therefore, it redirects them to the login page if they haven't logged in.
But does anyone know of a way (to a newbie) to make it so that once they
enter the final page, the quiz, they can't leave until they've finished it?
Creating another session (that won't clash with the above session) is the
answer? Thank you for reading this and being nice 'cause I'm clueless.