sorry, jim.
i don't know why the word "remove" got there. the second sentence should
be: you should have an attrabute like this: enctype="multipart/form-data"
within you form tag. the sample will explain everything.
"Jim" <> wrote:
>I have an ASP app where I use the <input type=”file” name=”MyBrowse”> control
>in my form. I would like the user to be able to specify a file on their
>machine for some purpose. When doing this the user is able to use the browse
>dialog to find and select a specific file however, when they submit the

>and the ASP code grabs the file name selected by the user using strFile

>request.form("MyBrowse "), the value in strFile if “C:\MyText.txt” for instance.
> The problem is the Web server thinks to look on the local C: drive not

>client’s C: drive where the file exists.
>How do I get around this? Thanks.