I need to select a software codec. I was able to get the bitmapinfo (took me
a while) and am now able to change the video format in code, but still can't
figure out how to select the compression codec. The Indeo5.04 and BT
Prosumer Video codecs give me the best results, and these are the codecs I
wish to use.
The method suggested by Johan Stack works fine with AVI
playback/recompression, but how does this work with vfw?

Sujit Liddle

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> > Thanks, but...I want to do this for capturing video. I'm sorry, I should
> > have made this clear at the outset. I want to capture video using a
> > particular compressor, and select this compressor automatically. I can't
> > seem to find a reference to fccHandler in the video capture

> There are software codecs and hardware "codecs" - really bitformats. If

> want to preset what hardware compression your hardware device will use,

> basically need to follow the same procedure that Dean suggested for

setting the
> SW codec. E.g., instead of selecting the software codec from the

> dialog, select your hardware format from the driver's videoFormat dialog.

> dump the format header to a file or the immediate window to get the values

> capGetVideoFormat.
> After that, you can pass these same parameters in to capSetCaptureFormat

and you
> should be using the same HW format. (Basically, the BitmapInfoHeader in

> struct specifies the format for the HW to capture)
> HTH,
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