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    Data Env. Parameter (Command Object)

    [Originally posted by veetian]

    I have this scenario:
    A table named customer, another one named transaction. The transaction table is used to record transaction made by the customers.

    A data report was created, was bound to the data environment commmand object called FromCustomers. The command object has a child command called TheTransactions.

    The data report displays successfully when I have only one parameter, which is TheID, a string to indicate which customer's report to print.

    However, I would also need a parameter (of integer) to indicate which month's transaction report is indicated to print, and this is used in the child's command text (SELECT * FROM `Transaction` WHERE (Month(trnsDate) = TheMonth) )

    It was valid when i run it in the form, but when put into as a child's command object, it requires me to enable a relation to the parent object, and i wasn't able to pass the parameter value to the query when i entered DataEnvironment1.Connection.FromCustomers <-- (it only prompted me for the customerID, but not theMonth)

    Please help me, i'm stuck at here ^__^

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    Re:Data Env. Parameter (Command Object)

    [Originally posted by Sabir Mustafa]

    Another friend on the forum had encountered the same problem and I solved it for him. Please send me the query or the part of your project on my email, I will make it working for you.

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