I have some users of my site using AOL with IE6 experiencing difficulty with
navigating through the site after they have logged in.

I run a sessionless site, tracking user info and various credentials through
a very long an incomprehensible query string. If the information in the
querystring does not live up to various checksums, the user is kicked back
to the login screen. This is what is happening.

So far, only the users of AOL with IE6 are experiencing problems. I personally
use IE5.5 still so I am not sure if this is an IE6 problem or what.

My question, though.. is there a limit to the length of a querystring? In
the "old days" I thought it was 256 characters but more modern browsers could
handle around 8k of query string data.

If it's still 256, I'm curious why most of my users aren't experiencing a

Thanks for the help.