I'm building a multi-page form (survey), and I've run into a problem on all
Mac's running IE. Here's how it works.

1) Question is displayed (question.asp)
2) User answers question and clicks the Next button
3) Form is processed by a submit script (written to DB)
4) Submit page redirects user back to Question page to show next question
(after incrimenting session question counter)

What's happening is that after a certain number of submissions, the buttons
on the question page just stop working. You can click them over and over
and nothing ever happens. It seems somewhat regular...somewhere around 9-11
submits before they stop working.

One more note, the Next button is an input type=button with an onClick event
handler triggering a javascript function.

Anyone have any ideas or work-arounds for this one? It's got me stumped.
Everything works just fine on the PC (IE 5/6 NS 4/6 plus others).