[Originally posted by Ace Mclean]


I'm new to Web Forms and dot net, and I don't have much experience with web programming in general - so bear with me if this is a simple one.

From one particular web page I'd like to conditionally open one of the other pages in my project.  After a user clicks a button, I will do some evaluation of various criteria, then open one of several pages. I have hyperlinks on the page already for a user to choose direclty, but I also need this other method to work. I expected to be able to call the "click" events of those hyperlinks, but no such luck so far.

Here's an outline of what I'd like to do.

If SomeCriteria = True Then
  open web page A
  open web page b
End If

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think once I figure this out, I'll be on my way...