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    %windir% registry problem.

    [Originally posted by John]

    Hi, i just wanted to know when i added %windir%\notepad.exe string to the startup it doesnt work.

    but when i do c:\winnt\notepad.exe it works. i want it to be %windir% my reason is that windows Xp uses C:\windows and windows 2000/nt uses c:\winnt and i want to use %windir%\hello so it runs the windows folder and hello directory but it does not work. any ideas on how to make it run %windir%

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    Re:%windir% registry problem.

    [Originally posted by Phlip Bradbury]

    Environ("windir") + "\notepad.exe"

    The %% notation for environment variables only works in DOS .bat files, inside vb you have to use environ()

    BTW, if the program is in the search path (which %windir% is) then you can simply use "notepad.exe" without specifying the path to the exe, and it will find it.
    To see what the search path is, type
    Print Environ("Path")
    in the Immediate (Ctrl+G) window.

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