I have a form with several fields where users enter data. This data is then
stored in an access database. The user is then able to read, update and
delete their information via asp. Three of the fields on the initial data
entry form are <textarea>. All of these fields update to the database from
the inital form properly. My problem is when I go to write the information
back to an asp page for a user who wishes to update. I am not able to use
<textarea>. In order to even get the data to show up I am having to use
an <input> which limits the multiline functionality and makes the user scroll
all the way right to add something to the end of the line. It does write
everything back properly just not in the desired format.

<td colspan=3>Remarks<br><input style="WIDTH: 558px; HEIGHT: 65px" name=Remarks

When I do use <textarea> no data shows up at all on the update form. I have
tried changing the data types in the database from "text" to "memo" and back
again, but it still is not working as I would like. Does anyone have any
ideas what may be causing this? Any help you can offer is greatly appreicated.