Hi,Advice please. I have XP Home installed on my home pc and I have recently
purchased VS.Net Pro with a view to developing a web site (VB/Asp.net) on
my home pc, then placing the site with a web host for all to see.

I am working from books to get my site up and running. I have hit a problem
on the first example and it strikes me that XP Home may well be the limiting

I understood that XP Pro includes IIS, but my plan was that this wouldn't
be an issue as the web host would provide IIS; it wasn't necessary for me
to have IIS on my home pc. However, I think I've oversimplified with this
assumption. Can anyone confirm that using XP Home is the limiting factor
here, together with the related limitations, particularly with respect to
ASP.NET and my objective of creating a website for access via a web host.
Thanks, Gary.