Mirus Technologies has developed an innovative XML remote procedure call mechanism
for the Apache web server. NetHesive provides a quick route to the web for
standalone applications already in use and web services currently in development.

Here are a few advantages of NetHesive:
Flexible data protocol - developer determines the wire syntax. Handles
SOAP or arbitrary custom transaction schemas.
No interface layer compilation - conversion instructions reside in an XML
flat file. This allows quicker development and easier maintenance.
Apache integration - leverages the cross-platform high-performance server.
Presents a viable alternative to the .Net platform and toolkit.

We're looking for feedback from the developer community regarding their interest
in NetHesive and any desired enhancements. Please visit our website for more
information (http://www.mirustech.com) and check out a simple example of
the technology on our demonstration server (http://demos2.dns2go.com/).

Chuck Dolan
Mirus Technologies