AI Atelier has the flexibility of executing projects both onsite and at its
offshore development facilities in Kansas City, US and New Delhi, India,
or, as in most cases, a judicious combination of both. AI Atelier tries effectively
to meet business needs of its clients while reducing costs and time for implementation
using a clever mix of onsite consulting and offshore development.
Typically projects have been implemented using only a small fraction of the
team on the client site for day-to-day interactions, client meetings, keeping
pace with changing business needs, and interacting with the development team.
The offshore engineering team is able to leverage the existing IT infrastructure,
including servers and workstations, development tools, internet connectivity
as well as support personnel for build management, backups, troubleshooting
etc. In addition, the development team has access to a rich pool of accumulated
knowledge, both related to technologies as well as industries. Also, due
to the time zone difference, we are able to provide a virtual round the clock
operation, where requirement changes or bugs can be reported in the evening
and fixed by the morning - thus cutting the cycle time delays in some cases
by as much as half.
The principles of our work are alacrity,cognizance and virtue.

The AI Atelier team has developed software for
-An Application made based on Thin Client technology,
-A program for Rabbit breeders to organize the rabbitries. The features included
in the bunnies organizer are pedigree, chart of rabbit, the daily ransom,
shows and awards.,
-A tool to track the SDLC of all the projects from project planning to project
-Showing online stock updates on a website and applet that displays data
in different formats like grid, chart etc.

It has also to its credit a Web Based Email client-used to retrieve and save
data into the database. The project is database independent.

AI Atelier team has been closely involved in wesites as well,
-A part of a B2B portal , the site in PHP .
-A complete ecommerce site which has implemented the shopping cart and secure
online payment system.
-A Photo Album website - A place where one can upload their photographs to
show to all near and dear.
-Jukebox Webiste - a personal webiste where on can listen to music online..
by choosing the list of songs available on the site.
-Family Tree - a place where one can keep track of their whole family tree..
add all the family members' information and can view online.
-A website for a PR Agency ..
-A Part of a website for a tourist information specific to India.. places
to visit..stay..modes of transportation to use etc..


Areas of expertise, Experience or Skills
The AI Atelier team comprises of highly skilled engineers with a judicious
mix of software skills and domain knowledge. Its
domain knowledge helps it understand the client requirements better and deliver
intelligent and innovative solutions to key
business problems.

AI Atelier's Skill set comprises of the following technologies:

- Java Advance
- Basic
- Pascal
- Visual Basic
- C++
- Visual C++
- C Builder

Web Programming:
- J2EE
- Perl
- Macromedia Authorware
- Macromedia Director

Experience in setting up, using and maintaining:
- Apache Webserver
- Microsoft IIS
- JBoss
- Oracle IAS (Orion)
- IBM WebSphere
- Allaire JRun
- Tomcat
- Catalina

- Java SDK
- JBuilder
- IBM VisualAge
- JEditor
- Oracle JDeveloper
- Forte
- Dreamweaver
- Frontpage

- MSAccess
- mSql
- Oracle
- SQL Server
- InstantDB
- Cloudscape

- Microsoft Photo Editor
- Microsoft Photodraw
- Adobe photoshop
- Adobe illustrator
- Macromedia Firework
- Macromedia Freehand
- Corel Draw
- Corel Xara
- Ulead 3D

Video Production:
- Adobe Premiere
- Adobe After Effect
- Real Media
- Windows Media

Standard Business Terms
Our pricing is completely flexible. We will customize our prices to your
needs and can work out discounts and payments schedules if need be.
You can pay Over Elance or By Wire Transfer

you can contact me at-