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    Excel chart across multiple sheets

    [Originally posted by andre]

    I have a vb app that exports data from a database as a chart to excel.

    The user has the option of choosing between whichever dates he wants to view the chart.

    My problem is that sometimes there is a lot of data being exported to excel, meaning the chart looks really crunched up. How can i make the chart "wider" or span multiple sheets so it displays nicely?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re:Excel chart across multiple sheets

    [Originally posted by Bob]

    Make your output form adjustable for size?

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    Re:Excel chart across multiple sheets

    [Originally posted by Jeremy Brown]

    I ran into this problem when trying to show 10 different metrics of a web server over the coruse of a day.* I had several thousand rows of data rendered, and honestly, it looked quite "crunched up" as you said.*

    The way I got around this to basically make the chart more readable was to decide how many distinct data points I wanted.* So, instead of 8000 data points, I wanted maybe 250.* I then averaged the data into roughtly 250 equally sized segments.*

    In my exact application, I used 'time' as the segment, and divided the 24 hour day into 240 segments, 6 minutes each.* In the source data (which did have a time code for every row of data) I averaged each of the metrics I wanted to track over that six minute span.* I continued until my result-set was all figured out.* The resulting graph was far more readable.

    To sum up, one way to make an excel chart more readable when you have lots and lots of data to display, is to segment the data and average it out over those segments.

    Much luck!

    (I realize that this reply is more than a month from the time the question was posed, so I hope this is still relevant)


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