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    Get info from another program

    [Originally posted by Ray Dean]

    I am new to VB but I have written severqal programs that monitor different machines and save the information to Excell.* These programs run 24/7 and contain information that I need in another master program.* I would like to get the contents of a text box from one program and use it in another with the least amount of problems.* I could link to the Excel file but that info is not up to date.
    Thank you for any help

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    Re:Get info from another program

    [Originally posted by PM]

    You could try a combination of a few items:

    1.* Find and activate the window from which you need to pull data (use vb's AppActivate, or a good piece from freevbcode.com call AppActivateByStringPart).

    2.* Use vb's SendKeys statement to mimick keystrokes and navigate your way to the item you need.* You can then grab (e.g., with Selection.Copy) and parse/paste where you need

    This is a bit klugy, but can be effective, particularly in cases where you can't get other programs to spit out the data you need in a useful format.

    Hope this helps.

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    well another solution is making your programs activex executables and exchange the information through there public classes

    i think this would be the most professional solution ,,,,

    if you need a quick example let me know ...

    Happy coding :-)

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