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    Aug 2004

    Unhappy Right click on Cell of JTable

    Hi, Iím trying to catch a right click event mouse on a javax.swing.DefaultCellEditor. editorComponent.

    The JTable active the edition with a left click of mouse and I get that event without problem, but I donít now how trigger the edition of a cell with a right click.

    I need the right click because the component that edit the cell value work with that mouse event too.

    How can I do this?

    PD: Excuse my english.

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    How are doing it now? The mouse event is general so you should be getting it either way.


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    I override the processMouseEvent of my javax.swing.DefaultCellEditor.editorComponent but the JTable only pass mouse movements or left buttons events, never the BUTTON3 events.

    Now I'm trying to override the processMouseEvent of JTable, capture de right click event and call JTable.editCellAt(row, col, MouseEvent).

    This work while the cell is selected, but I canít still make a selection of the cell with a right click. First I have to select the cell with a left click and then use the right click to edit the cell.

    Thanks a lot for your time.

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    You shouldn't be overriding those methods. You should be adding event listeners.

    Also, trying use a custom renderer (like a JLabel) instead of the default. I'm pretty sure I've done it before.

    The thing is, with JTable, you should have something "selected" before you attempt to do an operation. So select with left mouse and right click to popup menu is normal behaviour.

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    I see my problem now and do this with your advice:

    class MyEditor(MyEditorControl ec) extends DefaultCellEditor {

    public MyEditor(MyEditorControl ec) {
    super(new JCheckBox()); //the constructor always
    //expects a check box, combo box,
    //or text field.
    editorComponent = ec;

    ec.addMouseListener(new MouseAdapter() {
    public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) {
    //ÖMake edition job

    Now the code is clearer. You are right when you say that is normal behavior to left click on cell for activate edition and then use the right click. Thatís the standard manner of work of grid controls in Windows and Unix and Iím going to let JTable do his job.

    Thanks very much, I appreciate your help.

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