I'm a student in the last year of study to a Computer Science University.
I'm working as a programmer in
a software company, with the responsability of programming the encoder/decoder
module of a digital
modem in the classical C language.
My problem is that I want to know what are the IT technologies that would
offer me a wider variety of choices
after I finish my studies. I don't know what way should I concentrate my
efforts. I can not learn all of the
programming languages, all OS, aso. Till now I've studied and learned C/C++,
VisualC++, MFC, ASM x86,
JavaScript, Java, some Linux programming, some networking programming (TCP/IP,
SNMP, aso). I think
that I have a base to learn something more pragmatic.
I would appreciate any advice that may halp me in my future career.
Thank you,