I have just realized that I am only human and therefore can make mistakes.

In most of the programs I had made over the past year they have been bug
free (well neglible anyway).

Well the last program I made was during a very stressful time at work,
things were changing, and chaos reigned. The program went live, and it ran
its course, and everything was fine in the land of Oz. However, we are now
doing analysis of the data retrieved, and found out due to errors in my
code, a lot of information was missed and therefore saved the wrong
information. I admit that I made the mistakes.

However, now, there are many many grumblings from everyone about my
incompetence, and inability to do a good job anymore. The fact is I work
very very hard and have (and still do) produced many great easy-to-use error
free programs.

What I want to know, does anyone out there make mistakes? No seriously
though, does every company really expect their programmers to be perfect 100
percent of the time?

Since I am only human, I can't achieve this lofty goal, does anyone have any
advice to make myself as perfect as can be? I wrote this program rather
quickly, but I did spend a lot of time debugging, correcting, and making
sure all of the data entered was the same as the data saved, however, I did
miss a few things, that in code were very minor, but unfortunatley had major

The company budget does not extend enough to hire another programmer to
assist me (not that these programs are two people jobs anyway), and no one
has the time to check my work, other than testing the user interface. No
one wants to look into the databases,other than me. Its always a matter of
'Is it done yet? Then install it and lets get going'. On occasions in the
past, with other programs I finish the coding and made to put the software
live right away, where I am not even given any time to properly check for
everything still stable and functional. Am I just making excuses about the

What i want to know is for many of you programmers out there, do you have
people to check your work? check data integrity and quality, etc? Or are
you all alone on a long and dark highway hoping nothing falls apart when the
program goes live?

I guess I am rambling a bit here. I can't achieve perfection, but can I
expect the world to realize that I am only human?

At wits end,