I am a software developer in a Silli valley company thats into
developing stock/instrument trading systems. I did my MS in Electrical Engg
a year ago and since then I've been working for this company. I want to make
a transition to systems level programming in the Networking/communications
industry because this is what I've always been interested in. It was only
a hasty decision that led me to join my present company and I want to come
out of it before I get sucked too much into this financial s/w domain. I
have a decent knowledge of Unix internals & Comp. Architecture, I am reasonably
good in C prgming, I understand and appreciate various switching/routing
algorithms and I am an ardent reader and follower of new technologies in
broadband communications and Networking. I dont have any hands-on experience
in developing software for the networking devices. I am trying to target
some of the big players in this industry like Cisco, Lucent, Nortel, Nokia,
Motorola .... and the list continues. I am in the process of reading books
in these areas to enhance my theoretical knowledge. I am also trying out
different things like installing Linux on my PC and looking at the kernel
code, understanding device drivers and trying to write one etc. Can someone
give me a highly directed advise as to what it takes to break into the Networking
industry ? Thanks a lot for your patience.