Hi all,

like many of the other posts on this ng, I am also interested in switching
Now, I'm wondering what my next move should be.

I currently have a PhD in biology. However, my PhD and my current post-doc
has largely been
focused on programming simulation models of biological processes (so I've
been doing some
programming for 6+ yrs). I realized quite early on that I enjoyed the program
development side of
what I was doing. I started thinking about an alternative career path (i.e.,
software developer) and
started to try to make my skills more marketable with respect to software
development jobs. So
I learnt C++ and Visual Basic, using the STL, making VB controls, DLLs, and
add-ins, general
algorithms/data structures, etc. Further, because I would be switching careers,
I've also re-programmed
a number of projects to demonstrate the type of programming I've been doing
(except in a
graphical, user friendly way, rather than in the typical scientific style).
I've also refocused my
resume and cover letter to highlight skills obtained wrt software development
and academic
awards/honours (to show that I was not just scaping by), and de-emphasized
much of the
other things most relevant to biology.

So my question is, what should my next move be? And also, how best to sell