Major disgruntlement.

using a true type font that's symbolic/graphic like wingdings
the ttfont only has 20 characters mapped to the symbols/images
the rest are unmapped.


in vb6, eg, a label would correctly display the ttfont as the symbols for characters in the right range that were typed into the caption while correctly displaying blanks for all other characters.
if A-Z was mapped to a symbol, any char between A-Z should show a symbol and any other char such as 0,1,a,b,c should show a blank.

in .net, the label correctly shows symbols for A-Z but incorrectly shows the default sanserif character where no symbol was mapped. Setting label text to 01abc will display exactly that 01abc, not blanks as it should.

anyone have a clue how to get proper label behavior back again?

( is a deception...Not vb More like java)