Hey everyone, I have a JAVA program due tomorrow and I'm soo stressed out with it. I've been working on it for hours now and have like nothing to show for it, if anyone could help me that would be AWESOME! here is the program details:

With x and y being (possibly empty) sequences, ~ the concatenation operator, and () an empty sequence, the operations on sequences are defined as follows:
{true} CreateSeq (x) {x = ()}
{x = (c)~y} a := First (x) {a = c AND x = (c)~y}
{x = (c)~y} GetFirst (x, v) {v = c AND x = y}
{x = y~(c)} GetLast (x, v) {v = c AND x = y}
{x = y} PutFirst (x, c) {x = (c)~y}
{x = y} PutLast (x, c) {x = y~(c)}
{x = X} SeqIsMT (x) {SeqIsMT (x) = (X = ())}

a) Implement a sequence class in javac. Please implement all seven operations defined above.

b) Using this sequence class, solve the following problem. The input is a text-string containing alfabetical characters as well as {, }, (, ), [ and ] characters. Check the input to see if each open- and close-bracket is matched.

An example is given here:


is correct because each pair of brackets encloses a correct sub-string. More examples:

((a)} is not correct
a is correct
{} is correct
)( is wrong
(a)} is not correct

c) Test your implementation using the following test cases:


Also test on an empty text string.

Thanks a lot, John