for a project in school I need to make a running program, partly in Java, to evaluate tissues by take a picture with a digital camera.
The idea is to take a picture (3038*2012 pixels) and transform the RGB values per pixel to a 3038*2012 matrix.
So matrix[0][0]= R+G+B value of upperleft pixel f.e.
But, I seem to come across an unexpected problem: reading the image file data...
The camera is a Nikon D70 and the only RAW file it supports is NEF (encoded by Nikon with no standard given available from nikon) -> almost impossible to retrieve the image data
Other possibility is to transform the file to a TIFF file... I've come across the JAI API from sun itself and the Lizardworks TIFF library but my knowledge about JAVA is too limited to use them properly. Could anyone help me on this plz?

Bottomline is: Load the TIFF (or maybe NEF if possible to retrieve data with library f.e.) --> Retrieve the RGB value per pixel --> store every pixel in a matrix so matrix (3038*2012) represents the RGB values of the picture

Tnx in advance