I felt a little bit confused abt what this article claims. As far as I know
even with all this disadvantages pointed here the IT industry is one of the
most wanted professions that the americans like to do. Isn't that a little
bit contradictory? I mean... in this and others forums is VERY common read
messages from people stating that they DO want to make a shift in their careers
to the IT industry, looking for entry positions or even students preparing
themselves to make the best jump into the real world just after leaving the

Despite all the terrible future that is waiting for us (kidding) I think
that one of the primary motivations to pursue a career in IT is precisely
the constant challenge and learning proccess that make us feel happy!, that
make us dont get bored and love our daily activity with enthusiasm and hope,
not with fear and doom.

Even more, a lot fo people is looking for a job in IT because the average
salaries are much better than in other industries, so, far from feel unfortunate
or pressed by the nature of this industry I think that we should feel happy
to be part of a constant move and innovation.

I dont want to sound rude or agressive but, come on! this industry can wait
for the slow adopters either for the sedentary people, think about it, this
industry is what it is today precisely for people that are always thinking
in new stuff, new technologies, new languages and IT is taking precedence
over almost any other industry all over the world.

I'm not saying that re-training or 'recycling programmers' are bad ideas
and I know that some day maybe I'll be less competitive and fast than young
people to learn new things but what I'm trying to say is let's face it this
is not gonna change, in fact, I think this gonna be 'worst' everytime.

Miguel Angel