Dear Muhammad,

If you want to chasing the money, move to Java. If you like to have fun
playing technology, Microsoft technology is the place. I am a Senior Software
Engineer using Microsoft tools. I never even think of switch to Java even
though I can learn it very quickly.

Microsoft will win the game, I am very confident. If you attend VBITS conference,
you will understand what I said. Check the stock price ( SUNW+ORCL and MSFT).

Many programmers are chasing the money. Many simply take some courses and
claim themselves to be a programmer! Yes, they can earn big money for a
whole. But what about right now ? I bet many lousy "programmers" are losing
their jobs.

My goal is to do a great job with great developing tools. Money is not that
important for me. I will not exchange fun for money. Remember, if you don't
like the job(including the tools), you can never do a good job and the money
that follows.

Microsoft is doing some crazy things that will finally push Java to the corner.
They are trying to integrate the whole internet into a internet OS. .Net
is a deadly weapon. So far you can not find anything competitive from SUN
or Oracle. They are way way behind. Microsoft has tons of money for R&D
and they don't care the stock price drop from 80 to 40. They have a whole
line of products that provide continuous cash flow. What about Oracle, SUN
? Try to compare the percentage of price drop and you can tell which company
is more strong.

Enjoy your work. Play with .Net right now. Your "rich" colleague will come
to you later asking you to give him a .Net course so that he can be a .Net
"expert" overnight! HaHaHa...


Peter Z.