I am currently working as the only developer in my department. We also have
an IT department, where there are a number of other developers. At the moment
my main skills are VBA and VB. However I am a bit concerned about how we
develop applications in this company.
At present most vb development does not take advantage of classes and in
house development of activex controls. I have read quite a bit about these
technologies and I am finding it difficult to convince my manager on developing
code based on components. Most of the developement is based on putting code
under buttons etc on a form. Also the approach used is based on prototyping
a system and then adding code and modifying it etc. The application design
stage is not thought out properly.
I have been sent on various training courses and have completed them successfully,
but have not been able to use what I have learnt due to the limitations of
the infrastructure over here.
On the more positive side of things I have lots of time to do what I want
and am given lots of time to read and learn about new technology e.g. XML
I have now worked for 1 and a half years in this company and I am getting
more responsibility, but I am curious to know how to work in a team environment
with a properly structured project.
What should I do should I move on, and if so in what area?
Should I consider VBA programming with front office, or should I take a course
in SQL server and then look for a proper VB programming role?
Or should I stay in this company and try and change how developement is carried
out internally?

As for qualifications:

I have an MSc in Information managment, but this in not a technical masters
degree, although we covered ER-moddeling etc main focus was on SSM Soft systems

I also got a brain bench and brain buzz qualifcation with VB6.

Please advise me
Thanks Manoj