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Thread: Text Searching

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    Question Text Searching

    Hi everyone,

    I have a textpane with some text inside and trying to search for a particular text in the textpane by highlighting it. Basically i the main function that does this is as follows

    TextPane is an instance of my JTextPane

    public void findtext(int pos1, String str1)
    //This function finds the specified text in the document in the JTextPane
    //according the downwards position of the caret in the JTextPane 
            Document Document1 = null;
            String str2 = null;
            int w = 0, w1 = 0, w2 = 0;
    //The below command line gets the document of the JTextPane
        Document1 = TextPane1.getDocument();
        System.out.println("" + pos1);
    //The below command line gets the text of the document according to 
    //the downwards position of the caret in the JTextPane
     str2 = Document1.getText(pos1, Document1.getLength() - pos1);
    //The below two command lines converts the text in the document and the 
    //the text to be searched both to lower case letters
    //str1 = str1.toLowerCase();
    //str2 = str2.toLowerCase();
    //The below command line gets the length of the text to be searched
              w2 = str1.length();
    catch(Exception e)
             Label2.setText("A caret position error has occurred");
    //The below command line gets the index of the searched text in the document
        w = str2.indexOf(str1);
    if(w == -1)
    //In this if statement TextPane1 is gained focus when the searched text
    //is not found in the document and the function is returned
      Label2.setText("The text that was searched was not found");
    //In this else statement if the searched text is found in the document 
    //the text in the document is selected with respect to the current 
    //caret position in the JTextPane
      w1 = (w + pos1);
      TextPane1.select(w1, w1 + w2);
    The problem is that the first time that i search the jtextpane the above function works Ok but when i try to do it again only the last text in the jtextpane is selected

    I really do not know what is wrong and hope someone can help me with this problem.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Thank You

    Yours Sincerely

    Richard West
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