Okay I have a form with 3 text boxes and 3 checkboxes in a group, What i want to do is Print out the Text Box information along with the name of the chekbox that was checked, I can't figure it out, What i have is I'm sending the textbox info to a string then printing it out, then i created if statements for the checkboxes, but they won't work at the same time. Is there some way I can keep the data the same if I hit the enter button so the existing data won't dissappear and is there a way to print out in the textarea both information of textboxes and checkboxes the user selects? Thanks for help

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event) {

String who = event.getActionCommand();

Object source = event.getSource();
if (source == btnenter) {
String stname = txtname.getText();
String styear = txtyear.getText();
String strunning = txtrunning.getText();
txtarea.setText("Movie Name: " + stname + " Year: " + styear + " Time it Runs: " + strunning);
if (chkgood.getState()) {
txtarea.setText("Movie is Good");
if (chkokay.getState()) {
txtarea.setText("Movie is Okay");
if (chkbad.getState()) {
txtarea.setText("Movie is Bad");