Simple program in retrospect....

i have to make a class list program making use of the arraylist function.

Consists of two classes: Cs30 & Student

Cs30 utilizes Student to add Students to the Cs30 Arraylist.

Now, i can add students easy enough to the array list itself. The problem i am having is displaying all the students. I tried using a simple system.out.println(Cs30.get(x)), but it prints the code for the object.

What i really need is to gain access to a specific student's attributes, assign them to temporary variables, and display them.

So something like:

name = Cs30(x).StudentName

println (name)

OR something like:

Student Test;

Test = Cs30(x)

*at this point, i could use Test's attributes of name name, number, mark etc. to display them*

I tried this earlier but got a "could not resolve symbol" error over and over again.

thanks for any help you can give me.