Hi there,

I am currently just a first year Software Engineering student at an Australian
University. I was wondering if anyone could take the time to explain the
main differences between Software Engineering and Computer Science? (Sorry
if it has already been posted before)

To start with i wanted to do programming, mainly large stand alone applications
(games, programs, utilities) but being a beginner and all i'm open to explore
similar areas in these fields (networking, web). It's just frustrating for
me when the only difference in the subjects we and Computer Science degree
students do are that Software Engineers must study harder subjects (Mathematics
galore!) and a year longer than Computer Science. I look at job prospects
for both degrees and the career/job outcomes is exactly the same! Then why
bother going through all the extra work in Software Engineering if the outcomes
are going to be the same?? Please give me a response that will make me feel
alittle more satisfied for being enrolled in Software Engineering.

Also, i realise how new Software Engineering as a degree course is. Does
this mean that in the near future more employee seeking postings will have
"BS Engineering (Software)" on them? Because at the moment when i do a search
for Software Engineering positions they're all asking for Computer Science

Also, is a degree at university really necessary for just "a life as a programmer"?.
I'm starting to feel as though working after first year full time and gaining
experience early will turn out better for me than completing the entire 4
year degree before venturing into the work force.
I know a gentleman who has never done a computer-related course in his life,
studied mathematics and crossed trained his way into programming and Claims
to be earning $650,000 AU (Half that to get it in US dollars) in the UK!
And he only has one and a half years worth of commercial java development
experience! Compare that with 4 years of hard work at uni, and then graduating
in an environment where you'd expect to earn $160,000 MAX, and after 4-5
years experience!

Thanks for all your help in advance.