I have a html page consisting of tree frames as follows:

<FRAMESET cols=*,250,*>
<FRAME name=left src="left.html">
<FRAME name=centre src="centre.html">
<FRAME name=right src="right.html">

The html for the right frame is:

<html><head><title> </title></head>
<select name="list">
<option value = "a">Text 1
<option value = "b">Text 2
<option value = "c">Text 3

My intention is to download the page with the frameset in a WebBrowser and when I click on a CommandButton then Text 3 should be selected (in the right frame of course).

I've been trying without success the following:

WebBrowser1.document.frames.Item("right").Item("list").selectedIndex = 2

I've been even trying:

WebBrowser1.document.All("list").selectedIndex = 2

Nothing seems to work.

And the thing is that the page is not mine, but it's a page which I
found on the Internet so I can not do any changes to it.

Does anyone know how to achive that?