Hello ... thank you all who have responded in the past; your insight has been
most helpful!

At any rate, I've decided to go ahead and finish off the final class that'll
map me to the Java Certification. Then I'll apply as many applications as
I can here at work to get "real life" experience.

Additionally, however, I'd like to get some more experience. I'm thinking
that while it'd be beneficial to have Microsoft applications knowledge, since
I'll have already learned Java in a short bit, I might as well expound on
learning JSP, rather than concentrating on ASP; it's Sun's equivallent to
ASP, from what I've gathered.

So I hope to have a decent background in Java and JSP. This leads to my
question. Well, actually, I have three (being selfish!):

1) Do you think this is a good plan (what I'm doing)?
2) If so, in learning JSP -- which from what I understand can do the same
things as ASP -- would you recommend I do it via buying a book, or
should I pay for another expensive class?
3) To round out skills and prepare for a nice job, would I need to add
some sort of database knowledge, such as SQL?

Thanks to everyone for your advice,